Flatsnoots Christmas Trees

We will be committing commerce in the SAME OLD TRAILER @
Arbor Farms-Ace Hardware Plaza
2103 West Stadium
(just north of the Post Office)

Sizes from 3 foot table-tops to monster 15 footers.
Wreaths (decorated & undecorated), roping (garland),
and tree stands will be available.  We also have live potted trees.

Discounts Remain the Same:
10% to geezers
10% to anyone who wears a sombrero
10% to anyone shorter than my friend Phil

Fine Services Available:
Valet Parking
We will fresh-cut, prune & fit your tree to your stand

Flatsnoots is a charter member of the North American Wood Tick Association *
Jack Pine Savage Chapter * Proud member of Mom & Pop Retailers Assoc.

Coolest, Funkiest, most AH-mazingly
bodacious Hat wins a COOL PRIZE

Peace & Prosperity to All!


Here are some excerpts from our feature in the Ann Arbor News that includes tree types and tips!

Tips for picking a cut tree
  • Know how tall a tree you need.  If you're unsure about fitting a tree into your tree stand, bring the stand with you.
  • Go to a tree lot that stores trees away from the sun.
  • Ask which species of tree holds up better.
  • Ask when the tree was cut.  Grab the needles at the end of the branches and give a gentle pull.  If those needles come out easily, the tree is dried out.  It's natural for older interior needles to dry up and drop off.  Needles on fresh firs break crisply when bent sharply.  Pine needles don't break unless they're very dry.
  • Watch for other signs of dryness, including excessive needle loss, discolored foliage or musty odor.  If you're not sure, pick another tree.
Information is from the National Christmas Tree Association (www.christmastree.org) and Michigan State University.

Duke Wagatha, co-owner of Flatsnoots Christmas Trees, expects to sell about 1,200 trees just from the parking lot on Stadium Avenue north of the post office.  All the trees they sell come from farms, not forests, says Wagatha.

At Flatsnoots, you can buy anything from a three-foot tabletop tree to a 16-footer to put under your cathedral-ceilinged foyer.  The price will vary according to species, height and quality, says Wagatha.

Wagatha, a contractor in the warmer months, has been selling trees in Ann Arbor about 25 years, so he knows about things like "spruce rash", which comes from grabbing the prickly blue spruce.  

He's got stories about the woman who bought her first Christmas tree, took it home and tried to make it fit in the stand by whittling away at the trunk with an electric carving knife.  

"We tell people to bring their tree stand in with them, and we'll make sure it fits," Wagatha says.  "We'll even take (a tree) back if they don't like it."

Tree care tips

  • Cut a quarter inch to an inch off the bottom of the trunk when you buy the tree and keep the cut clean.
  • Don't whittle the base to make the tree fit into a stand, since the outer bark does the best job of taking up water.
  • Put the tree in water as soon as possible.  For temporary storage, support the tree upright in a bucket of water in a cool spot.
  • As a rule of thumb, stands should have a quart of water per inch of stem diameter.  Check daily to make sure the bottom of the tree is in the water.
  • Keep the tree away from heat (heat vents, fireplaces, or direct sunlight).  Lower the room temperature to slow the process of drying out.
  • Water temperature doesn't make any difference to the tree.
  • Drilling a hole in the base doesn't help water uptake.
  • Sprays to stop the tree from drying out actually have little effect.  Water-holding gels don't help either.
  • Any other additives - like preservatives, sugar, bleach, aspirin - are not needed.  Fresh water works fine.
  • Some flame retardants can damage needles and increase the rate of moisture loss.
Information is from the National Christmas Tree Association (www.christmastree.org) and Michigan State University.


Two Cultures

Christmas Trees in Ann Arbor, MI - Flatsnoots Christmas Trees

10:00 am - 8:00 pm

2103 West Stadium
Ann Arbor, MI
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Hope to see you soon!

Christmas Tree Discounts
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Wearing a Sombrero
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Christmas Tree Discounts
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